Getting Boilers Ready for the Winter

Fall weather has arrived in the Denver area. We haven’t gotten our first freeze yet, but the weather has definitely turned cooler. Cold weather and snow are on their way.

Fall is the best time to service your heating system for the winter months. Doing so ensures that your heating system provides the proper amount of heat when you need it! Its much better to fix a problem before the weather turns really cold!

Our technicians are available now to come check out and or service your boiler – to make sure that it is ready to work for you over the cold months ahead. Servicing your boiler will improve its safety, reliability and efficiency.

It is important to make sure that the proper amount of combustion air and fuel are being supplied to your system. Are your thermostat and your aquastat working properly? Is the water heating to the right temperature and is the flame shutting off at the pre-set temperature? Is your burner burning with a nice blue flame? Is your system producing excess levels of carbon monoxide? Is your pump running properly? Is your heat exchanger free of obstructions? These are some of the questions that need to be answered before your boiler is ready for the winter.

Call us, and let us help you!

Posted by Michael Landry

Lead in Drinking Water

Get the Lead Out

Much of the Denver Metro Area has plumbing infrastructure that is newer than some of the East Coast cities. But it is still worth making sure that your plumbing systems are not leaching lead into your drinking water. Exposure to lead is a significant health concern. The growing bodies of children and infants absorb more lead than most adults. Drinking water is one possible source of lead exposure in our daily lives. For example, infants who drink formula may get exposed to lead in the tap water used to make their formula.

We can help you find out more about lead in your water, and testing your water for lead. Take a look at Denver Water’s informative web page on the subject. If you need to replace piping or replace fixtures to address a lead problem or get up to code, we can help you get new piping and new fixtures in place. Give us a call. We’ve been helping people all over the Denver Metro Area for over 40 years!

Posted by dlandry23
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