Gas Lines and Fixtures


For over 40 years, we’ve been the go-to commercial service plumber to fix a Denver gas line  problem or install a Denver gas appliance or fixture. Gas lines are all around us, running through the walls, basements and ceilings of commercial establishments, office buildings, condos and apartment buildings, hospitals, shopping centers, strip malls, restaurants, other commercial buildings and establishments, and also in the homes we live in.


Detecting Natural Gas Leaks

Natural gas is odorless, colorless and tasteless. That’s why the chemical Mercaptan is added to natural gas. Mercaptan contains sulfur, which makes it smell really bad. Many people describe the odor of Mercaptan as similar to rotten eggs. If you smell this rotten egg smell or suspect you have a gas leak - get out of the area immediately and call the gas company to turn off the main gas supply line or call 911 if you have an emergency! Xcel energy has an informative page  about what to do in case of a gas leak.

Gas Line Repair and Installation

After the gas has been turned off, we can help you find the gas leak quickly, and we can repair the piping - to get your business or home back up and running in a safe and efficient way. We can perform gas line repair. Our technicians know how to safely go about gas line replacement. We can also install new piping, re-pipe older systems, and retrofit existing electric systems so that they become gas-fired. We can work with you and the gas company to change the location of your gas meter. We can hook up gas to your gas boiler, gas furnace, gas stove, gas oven, gas fireplace or gas grill. Our technicians are licensed professionals that know how to work on complex gas piping and installation issues. They can make sure that the pipe is sized properly so that each of your gas appliances receives enough gas to perform properly. Our technicians will properly calculate, install and pressure test the piping to ensure that your appliances and fixtures get the proper BTUs they require.